About Your Server: Miss Bree!


Your Number #1 Tea Server!

Miss Brittany Bridges is a Senior at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Health Services Administration with a minor in Mass Communications. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Miss Bree has always been an individual to say what’s on her mind, and always has an open mind to listen to the opinion of others. Thus, the creation of this blog is to showcase the many talents that Ms. Bree contains, and to obtain different opinions from her blog followers.“Tea, Bree, And Breathe” was brought to life in May 2013 with the main purpose of serving an ardent audience with the most illustrious and deluxe cup of tea, having no limits to where the conversation may go.  Her spunky and loud personality allows her to easily get along with others and strike up a conversation with almost anyone. Besides blogging, Bree is a woman of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. , loves shopping, , is pretty comical, believes that she is the ultimate relationship guru, despises chocolate, contains a free and positive spirit, loves quotes and applies them to her daily life,  has a passion for acting, and aspires to start her own mentoring program targeting young girls to strengthen self esteem.  With the many endeavors that she has placed in front of her, Miss Bree is certain to leave an impact on everything that she does.  YOUR TEA HAS BEEN SERVED! 

For general questions/inquiries: teabreeandbreathe@gmail.com or #AskMsBree @OhEmGee_SoJuicy


How's Your Tea?! Sip Slow & SPEAK UP!

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