When A Woman’s Fed Up…

Welcome back, tea sippers! Hope your week is going pretty smooth as mine is.

I liked the feedback I received from last week’s post. It’s good to bond with like-minded individuals and learn from others who may disagree with you.

As I have stated before, a man will never hide me. If a man isn’t proud of me in private and in public, then me and that man, were simply not meant to be.

Just remember your worth, ladies. There’s a difference in a relationship being private and your partner being silent about you.

Today’s post will flow just a little bit differently. As you all can see, writing is my thing. Not only do I write short stories, I am an avid poetry producer. I like to write little pieces here and there to just illustrate a glimpse of my feelings, and what others all over the world could be feeling too.

It may be a little dark. It may be a little controversial. Maybe, even contradicting.

I introduce, “Bree’s Brew”. My own little poetry corner.

Here’s my first pot.

When A Woman’s Fed Up…

When a woman is fed up…

Is there anything you can do to stop her?

Lies after lies, defeat after defeat

Can you really shake her?

You see the look in her eyes

Full of rage and scorn

And yet every time you part your lips

You add more and more

When a FUCKING WOMAN is fed up…

You can’t visualize the pain?

When she spits, it’s no longer sweet as a swisher

Her truths might hit hard like blood splatter on denim

But she reacts quickly like a snake ejecting its venom

When a DAMNED WOMAN is fed up…

What causes you to piss her off more?

Promising that your same plays would be retired

You give her the illusion that you are like a lion in a cage

And then you returned them back on the same stage?

When a TIRED WOMAN is fed up…

MAC Concealer couldn’t do the best of jobs

Bags under her eyes

Bags on her back

God damn bags in HER heart from putting the Bag in “Bag Lady”

Because the previous negro was too piss poor to take out the trash

When an ERRATIC WOMAN is fed up…

Nothing you can do will please her

Every time you spit a phrase that you appraise as factual

She’ll smack and slap it right back nowhere near sexual

But serve it better than Serena would

No one is a greater debater than a woman like she

Denzel could provide all the teaching and all the readings

But Henry Lowe would still say “NO!”

When a BATTERED WOMAN is fed up…

She wanted her face beat

I mean, beat to the gods so she could look stunning for you

MAC and Sephora could have made your woman look all the best just for you

She came home preparing your dinner and had your fucking slippers just to “Cater To You”

My sistah was in love, in lust, and sprung just for you

She’s too dumb to believe in you

That you wouldn’t lay another finger on her soul

She cooked and cleaned to perfection to defeat a wall in her house with another hole

But instead you grabbed a revolver and punctured and pierced her

God damn, another muthafucka who is COLD!

You beings with pride and penises

That may dangle with a sense of nobility

Some of you should be stripped of humility

Of what you truly put others through

A woman is a giver, barely a receiver

But her dumb ass waits by the receiver

Just to receive something like a breather

If you were to call her on some bullshit

Tryna slide in the sheets and be her heater

And when you finally receive her

The warmth of her lips and the deepness of her love den

How pussy of you to finesse, caress, and beat

Skeet, skeet, till the wee hours until you fall asleep

Creep, creep when you completed your deed

And have the repeated cycle of my sistah crying herself to sleep?

Snatch it, take it, by all means necessary

No intention of loving her but you loved the way that she rolled over

On her back with security cause she always repeated

“Baby, don’t hurt me”

And you nuzzled her back with a grope and kiss

And guzzled her production when her muscles got loose

God damn, you men are so damn CREUL!

How you gon take my love and don’t give none back?

You keep thrashing me with the fear of you having to actually be a man

And stand

And say that you can’t be the man you need to be for a woman like me

How can a woman have more heart than you?

How can a woman stand up after defenseless wars and keep fighting

Unlike YOU?

So men, and maybe some women

Don’t ever underestimate the contents of a woman

Because when a WOMAN is fed up…

Bitch, you don’t have time for the runnin’.

My sistahs at work keep it gunnin’

And if the revolver ends up in your mouth

My G, now you have been summoned.


Thinking about recording this piece.

Until next week.


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