I know y’all mad at me. I know, I know.

I got more hours at my job (THANK YA BABY JESUS) so ya girl has been out here getting it. But nevertheless, I have a ton of tea to spill. Let’s get straight into it.


Last time we spoke, I caught buddy (Mr. NC to be exact) in the Red Toyota lurking in these Orlando streets. That’s cool. But it’s what came after that; That next week that almost made me believe that Ashton Kutcher was personally punking me.


So that next week, I traveled back home to Miami since the summer semester ended, I was a little homesick, and school would be starting right back up that following week. I’m lounging around at my grandma’s house, getting ready to go ahead and doze off on the couch since I already put her to her nap, and BUZZZZ! “Maybach Music!” I hear my text tone go off and to no avail, but pretty much surprising, it was Mr. NC.


August 12th, 2013 4:21PM

*insert MUGSHOT here* Yes, HIS mug shot.

“Hey I’m just getting out today. My GPS was acting up. I had to sit in jail until the new order of GPS trackers came in. I’m sorry if you felt like I was ignoring you. I thought about you the whole time and what you thought of me…I hope you can understand what happened and forgive me.”




I must have stupid written all over my damn forehead.

Let’s break this bull down.

Having a family in the law enforcement field (parents included) and once having a boyfriend who was in legal trouble which resulted in him wearing a “GPS tracker” urbanely known as a house arrest bracelet, you think you can run this sh*t on ME?

Every time one of my mother’s client’s ankle bracelets would “act up”, she would have to report to that client for validity of the situation, and with the computer systems they use, they know when their box is acting up. There is no “throwing someone in jail because it doesn’t work”. With all the criminals in the country, you think they’re gonna throw every mofo in a cell because their bracelet doesn’t work???

So for this disrespectful imbecile to run some idiotic crap on me like I’m a gullible little adolescent was him trying my intelligence and my life.

But the story gets better.

So since it was declared that this was 100% bafoolery, I decide to go on to good ol’ www.mugshots.com to see what this charge really is, or was, in this case.

I type in his name, which I will keep disclosed, and oh.

That person doesn’t exist.


So after making multiple attempts and switching around letters in his name, I finally food Mr. NC under a different name.

So not only are we lying about going to jail, we’re lying about our identity? Okay!


When I first met him, I do remember him telling me that he got into some “huge fight” at Downtown Orlando and end up punching someone in the face. So I’m assuming that would be the charge that would reflect upon his record.


You know what Detective Bridges found?


A domestic violence charge.

But get this..


It happened a week before I met him.



After all of this, I have been communicating with someone who lied about virtually anything. More than just dishonestly. More than the ultimate disrespect. You text me with some bull, and send me a mug shot that was taken it June but you try to make It seem like it’s from July? Like I didn’t see you in your female’s car the week before? You lie about your name, you lie about your record, what you were locked up for, lied about your relationship situation, and you expect me to CONTINUE TO PERSUE something with you?

To think this stranger “attends” my school, works in my neighborhood, and if he was crazy enough, could find out where I stay! I have to feel threatened of my life now?!

Is this what it comes to? Do I have to sit up here and do a background check on every muthasucka I meet? Has this generation gotten so corrupt where it is filled with little boys lying, putting on, and literally living ANOTHER life, just to achieve something they “want”? For clout? For status?

For a long time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it anymore. I let the time pass and I continued to work on myself, and the past demons that were trying to levy down on me. I know I wanted to continue being the trustworthy woman I used to be.


Until one day, God touched my heart and worked his magic…


And let’s say, I think a great one has landed in my lap.

I’d like to say that we are moving things in “Turtle Time”, because any f*ck up could result in major consequences, especially on my behalf. Learning the true in’s & outs of myself first helped enormously, and now we can learn & work together in this stage.

But I refuse to let anything from my past ruin my future. I am a woman standing strongly at twenty years old, and my life isn’t over. I deserve way more that was ever thrown at me, and I….and he, are working towards that.


Ladies, take my mishaps into consideration. I only get deep because I don’t want these same wounds to cut YOU deep. It is often seen that women will see this misfortunes happen to other women, but will ignore all the signs. I get real, I get personal, and most of all, I get blunt with all of my readers so that they can feel an experience that they may, or may not have been through, and will whole heartedly give them every bit of motivation that way it is NOT a chain effect.

Who will be the one to protect your heart? Who will be the one you can ultimately trust with it? If you just made a list, and you and/or God wasn’t on the very top of it, it’s time for your to have a decent reality check and GET YOUR LIFE.. along with your heart that you could potentially poison.

Get your mind right, ladies.

Every boy isn’t a man, and every man won’t tell the truth. Every man isn’t a good one, but a real man will prove the opposite of it all, to you.


Last but not least, here are some great inspirational words by my girl, Miss Taylar! You’re guaranteed to love it! Feel free to follow her on Twitter: @GiveMePearls !


Who’s In Control of the Dating Scene?

I would say that we as women allow things, creating the dating world we live in and then put the men right in control.“Boys” (excuse my aforementioned statement- they are not men) have games that they play but would the games be that effective if women did not go along with them? Number one:  Don’t listen to those “friends” who tell you, “That’s just how it goes..” because it’s NOT. They’re the ones being easy, which makes it hard for you.

 Some women (I always say “some” because there are exceptions), allow men to have sex with them with no strings attached. I know for a fact that we are not that numb with our feelings. If you are, then baby have a seat, and let it go.  You may be in that position from allowing these games to go on.  And don’t tell me you like a guy who “doesn’t really pay you any attention”. What’s to like about it? You’re playing yourself!

Oh, oh, oh! And DO NOT think that even though he is ‘round here talking to so many, that you may be the one that makes him cut off the rest.  Don’t be a button on that game controller.

Please please please, do not let that sex get to you because that sex game is a hard one to win.

Nobody you “talk” to would go more than three days without talking to you if they were serious. That’s the attention control game.  Thinking about where he takes you and what y’all do every time y’all together… Have your relationship defined.  


Don’t you think that if nobody allowed that type of behavior“boys” would still try that route? We create this stuff. From the beginning of time, women have created the expectations that men had to fulfill to get the “goods”. When I say this, women, I’m talking about taking the dating and sexual revolution back.  We can have demands, and yes, we do have the goods.  Every woman should have their own little rule book. Create yours.

Bluntly speaking, do not have sex first and try to make demands later. Pretty sure he won’t care late and I don’t care to hear about it.

I’m not screaming feminism; Let him be the man and act like the lady. If you are looking for committed relationships, you must nip it in the bud now. Boys who play games just grow to be over grown boys still playing games.

Oh, and ladies, don’t be trying to play games either. They are just created to try to beat men at their game. Do you ever really win? Just stop being the girl they are looking for and be the woman they may need.


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