The Hiatus has CEASED, baby!

I’m back, I’m back, I’m baaaaaack.

Quick update on me: After spending these six weeks having two jobs and taking three classes, ya girl made 2 A’s and a B. Boy I don’t wanna hear anybody telling me about my ambition!


Now, let’s get to this tea. Get two cups, because this is bound to spill over!


Mr. X: The Sequel

So in my first “Tea Testimony”, I put you all up on game with someone I used to know; we’ll still call him X. Now keep in mind, this mofo attends the same university as me. But you would think in a sea full of diverse individuals, it would be hard to see him or spot him, right?



When I got off of work, I see him.

When I go to my second job, I see him.

If I’m studying in the Union, I see him.

If I go get a freaking scantron, I see him.


Like damn! You keeping tabs on me? Is this why some people don’t date others that attend the same institution as them?

It’s to the point where I was walking out the damn BATHROOM and he almost bumped into me.

Now every time we encounter each other, he looks the other way. That’s guilt, baby.

I’m taking care of business for my second job and I see he’s walking my way because the girl I was with was someone he went to school with. So I’m like, “I know… good and well… He is not carrying… He is not walking… His black as-“

As soon as he sees that it’s me who’s sitting with his friend, he does a total 360 and nearly bumps into a smart little shawty with the coke rimmed glasses and braces and makes her drop all her books that were in her hand.

My presence is that strong huh? Clown….



So yall already know who my ace boon coon is…


He’s pretty spiffy in that picture, hann?

I just don’t understand why men lie so much. I also don’t understand how men continue to be blind to the fact that women will always find out.

Alright, so long story short, I met someone at the grocery store. Yes, shopping it all up at Neighborhood Wal-Mart, twisting my hips through the aisles securing a vivid smirk on my face, handling my grocery duties. We began to converse.

Now I have a pretty good memory. Especially when it comes to people.

As I was walking out the grocery store, he walked me to my car but I noticed that he walked past his car just to walk to mine. That car happened to be a red Toyota Corolla, with a UCF tag, and plenty of stickers that would be notable to the human eye. Keep this point in mind.

After a couple of days of speaking to this individual (we’ll call him NC), we were having a pretty random conversation, and the topic of cars came up. Now I assumed that the red Toyota was his whip, but he told me that was one of his roommates’ cars, who he mentioned was white. He mentioned that his car was at home but he took his roommates car to go to the store. Keep this point in mind as well.

Now the old me would have been like, “Ummmm… ” But I don’t know him well enough to start calling him a liar, so I’m cooling. Okay, cool, whatever.

Fast forward, NC & I fall out, due to mysterious circumstances. Nope, it’s pretty clear why… Inconsistency. Not surprised. Wonder what caused it. (Sarcasm.)

But just the other day, just my LUCK, I was riding around with my roommate Neek. We’re out getting some things for our apartment. So we’re ridin’ round & literally we’re gettin’ it as we got the music going and we’re acting like idiots in the car. My whole world stopped in slow motion as I seen the same red Toyota that NC claimed was his roommate’s. I’m very in tune with my intuition, so something told me, damn near URGED me to examine who was in that car at the stoplight.

The driver was a young black woman.

Alright, Bree. Look at who’s in the passenger seat?


None other than Mr. NC.


Well ain’t that some sh*t? As I’m rubbing my eyes to make sure that that indeed wasn’t a white male and that it was indeed NC, he caught my glaze.

And baby when I say he made a surprising, baffled, flustered expression on his face like the average man on “Cheaters”, it was a wrap.

I didn’t have to say a word. His expression did all the talking.

You see where guilt will get you?

I don’t think that Joey Greco could have done a better job than me when it came to “busting” him.

You weren’t my man, and I didn’t demand that nor push for it. But I do demand for you to be a man, especially when I invest my time into you.


Just don’t let me find out about it and when you hit my phone saying the opposite.

Men, OWN UP to your dishonesties. I’ll have more respect for you.

Another one bites the dust….. Haha.


I could go on & on about consistency, but I’ll just leave you with these points:

  • It’s happening way too much
  • It’s happening with all men, with all types of men
  • It’s getting to the point where men become so comfortable with inconsistency, that they believe it is okay to be a “floating” individual, i.e.; coming in & out of someone’s life when THEY feel like it.
  • Certain men don’t use the telephone to communicate; they are all about texting, which ultimately leads to a lack of correct communication. Because I don’t care what anyone says, you cannot get to know someone solely from damn text messaging.
  • In addition to communication, telephone calls become less frequent if they even begin to start.
  • There are no follow up’s from men once they have met someone, and the same goes for women. What ever happened to being aggressive? Did you not approach the person for a specific reason?
  • And the worst: If  a man goes out of his way to retrieve your number, and is hardly being consistent to begin with, what was the real motive of even having the number? As a bet? To show off? To prove that you still “got it”?

What is life?

If there is no consistency, there is no true chemistry.


First Date FAIL

Earlier this week, I took myself out to lunch at Red Lobster (my favorite restaurant) as a celebration for everything that I accomplished this summer. Needless to say, it was a great way to have some well-deserved “Me Time”.

Now the hostess seated me at a table where there was this couple (they looked like freshmen) who were conversing and seeming to have a great time in each other’s company. The young lady also mentioned that she was enjoying her first date ever

I can understand her though. I went on my first date ever back in May.

I’m minding my business, enjoying my food and occasional conversations on Twitter. When the waiter comes with their check, what I overheard almost made a string of pasta fly past my inferior nasal concha.

I really like you. Like, I really like you. But do you think we could split the bill? Please? I really like you and I know I really really owe you.”

Now this dumb as-

I mean young lady……… slowly but surely agrees to his request, after hearing him plead about how he was sorry that she would have to come out of her pocket to pay for her first date ever that YOU asked her on.

I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing this obviously naïve young lady take out her wallet to find her bank card.

Now as I observed the dude looking at the check, the next words that came out of his mouth was despicable.

“Listen, you deserve to slap me. You do. But do you think you could cover the check? I really balled out on Saturday and I’m lower than expected. I owe you. I really like you. Like, for real I do. I promise I will make this up to you. You should really slap me.”

I know one thing; he would have had to explain that to them dishes in the back in the kitchen, because that’s the only one who would be understanding of his “situation”.

Evidently she wasn’t going to slap him, SO CAN I???

So, I’m expecting homegirl to let him have it, to go ahead and tell him about himself, you know?

This girl.



Bank card.


And puts it.

Right next.

To the check.

So the waiter.

Could come and get it.




Now my momma raised me to be the type of woman to ALWAYS have cash on them, just in case a mofo gets out of pocket.

But paying for the WHOLE date, when YOU asked ME to go on a date with YOU at RED LOBSTER, BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY?




I’M DONE! I couldn’t even feel sorry for that young lady because THAT is what she stood up for! Baby, if that is what you are gonna do to keep these “men” around, then you are FOR SURE going to be a lonely woman. Not alone, but LONELY.

So now just because we “like somebody so much” we let these major concepts in dating SLIDE?


Then hell, I don’t need to date.


Seriously, what has the dating world come to? WHAT IS DATING? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME!

Am I mistaken?

My formula: Man + Asks woman out = HIS PAY.


NOW, it is different if you are TOGETHER and you DECIDE that you want to pay for your man. THAT IS DIFFERENT.

But if we are on a date, we’re trying to get to know each other, we’re trying to see if we’re compatible, and I’M supposed to pay?




Call me old fashioned but that is NOT how it goes. 2013 has you men REALLY bugging out! These fallacies that you men are absorbed by DISGUST me.

Lord, HELP the man who EVER tries me in this matter. Lord, you know my heart, and most certainly of all you know my anger….

I used to think that it was me as the problem when it came to dating.

That whole ordeal proved my theory wrong.

Men must take the responsibility as well. And whenever I become a mother, I will make sure than my son/daughter will know BETTER.


But in reality, the only thought I have left to say is…





2 thoughts on “TEA RECOVERY!

  1. Shirley says:

    Women pay for dates now? In 2013? Smh. I feel like if a guy goes out of his way to pursue a woman, she isn’t obligated to pay for anything, especially a meal. The same meal, YOU asked ME out on?? Makes no sense. I’m old fashioned too, and my mom raised me with certain criteria’s when it comes to men. Men need to be MEN, handle the bill. In 20 years of knowing my dad, I have never paid for a meal, and this goes for something as small as a McDonald meal, to something a little more fancy like Benihana’s. If you’re a guy, and it even crosses your mind to ask a female to pay for a meal…you flat out weren’t raised right. Smh.

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